Football games with your mates

  • This is not fantasy.
  • This is not social betting.
  • This is

Knockout based prediction games

Last Man Standing and Both teams to score games in a knockout format across 8 European leagues. Simple and quick to play by just making a selection each game week to survive.

Create a game in seconds

Select the game type, league, give it a title and a buy-in, then share the link through WhatsApp or however you want to get everyone involved.

Quick selections

Make your prediction for the week in just 2 clicks then head back to see everyone else’s selections once they’re locked in.

Notified when it matters

A reminder to make a selection before the week is locked. Know when you go and view all players selections. Informed when the weeks results are in.

Last survivor wins

Win the prize pool by being the last remaining player in the game. You can play multiple games at once and create new games at any point throughout the season – plenty of chances to win!

Stats galore

Combine your performance across games to generate your personal stats. Compare yourself with any other STUTA player for ultimate bragging rights.