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Hey 👋

STUTA has been created to make playing football prediction games with your mates simple, quick, and hassle free, while getting them competitive juices flowing. Born out of the games we played across spreadsheets and chats. 

We are a small team based in London with big aspirations to create a proper shared experience between groups and eventually the entire community. 

With the first version of the STUTA App going live during the 2021/22 season we are now focused on delivering the next level. If you have any feedback or ideas for us then get in touch through our social channels or email at

Cheers 🍻

Jobs 🛠️

As we move into our next phase we are currently figuring out the roles required to take STUTA to the next level. If you’re interested in being part of the team send us your CV and we’ll be in touch should something relevant come up.


Send your CV and some info about yourself to

Fundraising 💸

Want to give us some money to grow faster and be part of the journey?

If you would like to know when we are next looking for raising and get all the details about our grand plans then get in touch at